Boat Maintenance Cost and Checklist

Being out on the water is a blast! It is so much fun to spend time with family and friends, relaxing on your boat. Now that you are a boat owner, you need to make sure to keep the maintenance up. Boat maintenance cost does not have to mean you pay an arm and leg.

When you think about boat maintenance, it is similar to owning a car. You have regular things to keep up much like with your automobile. As long as you keep this in mind ahead of time, you will be all set.

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Boat Maintenance Cost

What is the cost to maintain your boat and keep it in tiptop shape? A lot of that will depend on what type of boat you have and how often you use it. There will be regular things you need to check, no matter what kind of boat you have.

You will have engine maintenance costs, hull maintenance, storage, and winterizing costs. It is impossible to put an exact amount on the cost because it varies according to the type of boat you own and the size of it.

You’ll also need to keep your hull clean. cleaner has you taken care of on this front.

What Can You Afford?

How much does it cost to own a boat? When you are ready to buy a boat, you have to think about your boat maintenance checklist. The above items are general things that every boat will need to have checked regularly.

A small boat with 150 horsepower will run you about $500 to service the engine, clean, and winterize it. This is a general cost.

Remember the checklist above. Much like your car, your boat will require regular maintenance and when something breaks it will need to be fixed.

Things You Can Do 

Before you take your boat out, remember to check the engine hoses for cracks. Replace them if you find any. Make sure the propeller is working and look for any defects.

Your battery needs to be checked every year. Electrical lines and the bilge pump need to be clean and in good condition.

Don’t forget to change the oil. This is often overlooked and left for another time. Keep up with the frequency of your oil changes and stick to the schedule. This is something you can change in less than an hour so there is no reason to put it off.

Your boat needs oil to run so check it each time you go out. If you need more, add the amount needed to top it off.

Worth the Time 

Keep a boat maintenance checklist and stick to it. Use a mechanic when you need to and check anything you can yourself. This will help you keep your boat maintenance cost down.

Taking care of your boat means it will take care of you when you are on the water. Regular maintenance is key.

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