How to Fix Car Body Damage: DIY vs Hiring the Pros

Are you wondering how to fix car body damage on your own? Perhaps your insurance carrier won’t cover the full repair costs.

The decision of whether to fix a car by yourself depends on the severity of the damage. For severe cases, rely on a dent repair specialist.

Mechanics have the necessary tools and equipment to deal with major and minor damage. Repairing a car’s exterior is also an arduous process, especially when dealing with car paint.

If you repair the car on your own, you could cause long-term damage.

This article will convey when you should use car body damage services and when you can fix the car by yourself. Let’s explore.

Minor Dents 

If your car body damage consists of a minor dent, you can buy an auto dent repair kit. A kit usually consists of a bridge-like tool that uses suction to undo the dent. The price can vary, but expect to pay around $60 for the kit.

Car Scratches

If you’re concerned about deep scratches, you can address the damage by:

  1. Sanding:Use sandpaper with a grit level of 2,000. Sand until you see the metal surface.
  2. Painting:Spray an automotive primer before applying the paint. The paint should also be the same tone as the existing color. Use your manufacturer’s manual to know the exact type of paint to use.
  3. Polishing:Use car polish and a microfiber towel to blend in the new paint. Rub the polish in circular motions until you no longer see it.

Conversely, adding new paint requires expert-level precision. Also, you need special equipment to apply the paint (i.e. a sprayer). Additionally, it takes an expert to find the right shade of paint and blend it impeccably.

  • Note: If you’re dealing with a paint issue due to rusting, use a rust remover, wire brush, and sandpaper to smooth the surface. Remove any loose paint in the vicinity.

A DIY paint job is less costly overall. With that, consider a professional to be on the safe side.

Major Dents

You may have a larger dent due to a fender bender. In some cases, you can use a plunger to pop the damaged area back into place. However, this technique doesn’t always work.

Plus, you should have a professional assess your car if you’ve been through a collision. A bent frame, for example, can indicate structural damage that can impede your car’s performance.

For larger dents, dent-repair kits may not be enough. Instead, an expert will drill a hole into the large dent and use a special tool to pull out the dent. From there, the technician will fill the hole.

If you need car dent services, talk to a CSI Collision Specialist.

How to Fix Car Body Damage the Right Way

If you want to know how to fix car body damage without damaging your car, use self-repair kits. A kit for small dents can prevent a pricey repair bill. You can also remove scratches using sandpaper and polish.

For larger dents, an expert can repair your car without causing additional damage. Further, paint jobs require precision that only an expert can handle.

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