Tips on How to Stay Healthy and Active as a Student

Starting a college changes the daily routine of a student greatly. Papers’ deadlines, exams, active social life, doing a part-time job and even writing term papers for money  take a lot of time and ruin normal eating, sleeping, and activity routine causing health problems. But they aren’t inevitable as any student can stay healthy and active as well as be successful in his/her studies. How to do this?

Learn to Manage your Time

This skill is crucial for both staying healthy and being successful not only at college but generally in life. This skill will help you find time for exercising, getting enough sleep, and being on time with all your deadlines. It’s about choosing priorities, fighting procrastination, the ability to keep to the established routine, and saying “no” to your friends offering to go to a party. There are a lot of materials in libraries and on the Internet on how to master time management skills, but you can also find a professional who will help you do this.

Get Enough Sleep

Everybody knows that it’s necessary to sleep 7-9 hours per day and how important a few hours of sleep before midnight are. Lack of sleep influences badly your mental abilities, slows down your metabolism causing gaining weight, and even weakens your immune system making you vulnerable to viruses.  But social life away from home and sharing a room with other students don’t help to keep to “early to bed early to rise” routine.  Still, to get enough sleep, use the following tips.

  • Create your routine, negotiate it with your roommates and try to follow it.
  • Avoid working late at night because it’s not productive, can influence badly your concentration the next day, and also can cause sleep disorders.
  • Practice taking short naps during the day. They will add energy to you. But you should avoid sleeping too long or going to bed for a nap too close to your bedtime.
  • To fall asleep quicker, keep your room dark and quiet. Also, avoid eating too late or drinking energizing drinks.

Watch your Diet

College or university students often don’t have time for cooking and money to buy or order fresh and healthy food. Instead, they often consume junk food and unhealthy drinks. Besides, they often tend to skip day meals. All this can cause gaining weight and even eating disorders.  In reality, it’s not very hard to keep to a healthy diet, even being a student.

  • Always have breakfast and keep healthy snacks around. Watch the size of the portion you eat and don’t skip meals. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.
  • Avoid junk food and unhealthy drinks.
  • Drink water. It will help to boost your metabolism and even concentration.
  • Find time to cook healthy food or find a place offering inexpensive and healthy food (


Again, lack of time and money can make exercising difficult for students. But there are a lot of ways out.

  • Consider riding a bike or walking wherever and whenever possible.
  • Find out a possibility of going to the college gym or joining one of the teams.
  • You can do stretching, yoga, or just walking in different open spaces usually available at the campus. You can also play badminton or Frisbee there.
  • Find on the Internet some fun exercises you can do while cooking or studying at home.

Watch your Health

Doctors say that it’s easier to prevent an illness than to cure it. So, it’s very important to watch your health, especially when you are having an intensive student life. A college and its campus are places where you communicate with hundreds of people pretty close and this increases the risk of getting infected. To secure yourself you need to remember several things.

  • Strictly follow personal hygiene rules using only personal brushes, towels, flip-flops, etc. Don’t share your cup of a drink even with your close friends.
  • See a doctor when you are sick and for regular exams. Follow the doctor’s pieces of advice.
  • Wash your hands regularly and don’t touch your nose, mouth, or eyes with dirty hands.
  • If feeling too stressed or depressed ask for professional help
  • Try to avoid life-threatening situations and cases when you can get injured.
  • College students are young adults and so they need to watch their sexual health as well by using protection and getting regular tests and doctor’s exams.

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