Debunking The Myths Behind CBD Oil For Dogs (And Humans, Too)

Cannabidiol has been one of the most controversial topics in the modern world. People always have a say about this drug, whether it is positive or negative. Most of the people who swing negative are those who still have some feelings of aversion against its source. We all know that many of the products that we see in the market come from cannabis, which is still illegal in various countries. However, these people often fail to see that many others come from a safer source: hemp.

Meanwhile, some people believe in the effectiveness of cannabis for their health concerns. Users have been mixing it with many of their drinks and other food items. It makes it easier for them to ingest the substance and gets inside their bodies much faster. It is also well-known that cannabis is not the best-tasting substance in the world, so mixing it is the right choice. However, most people still ingest it straight up, especially with oil-type products, as there are also recipes for it:

For The Beloved Animal

However, many people also use it for their pet’s health. There are still many studies that are trying to prove or refute this, but most do align with the former for their movement. For the longest time, anything related to cannabis is considered dangerous or partially demonic. It is fair to say if you are living in the ancient world and know little to none about anatomy and physiology. For cannabidiol, it is trying to prove to the world that it is different from its predecessor.

Meanwhile, many pet owners swear upon the effectiveness of cannabis or CBD for their beloved animals. Most people are trying to make sure that they have the first say in what is given to their pets. For dogs, it is even stricter for their owners since most of them treat them not just as a family but also as a great assistant. Many of the people who have pets do have this kind of mentality, but more so with dogs.

On the other hand, there are several misconceptions concerning this drug for both human and animal use. It has been discussed in various science and medical circles around the world, as well as being sold in dog supply stores and other related establishments. However, some of them have already been debunked by both the scientists and those who have used it as well for their animals. We need to discuss these misconceptions as they can lead to the truth, especially when it comes to something vital as medicine.

The Myths And Truths

1. It Is Not As Effective As Most People Think

Many people still believe that cannabis is not effective in its use. However, there are already users who have debunked this claim because of their experiences. Additionally, scientists have discovered that it does affect the brain for both animal and human use. However, it is seen as more effective in mammals as they do have similar anatomy to humans.

2. Giving The Animals CBD Is Dangerous To Their Health

It is still being studied in various research circles in the world, but it is already safe to assume that it is safe for animal use. As we have mentioned before, it is only useful for mammals for now, but there have been hints in trying to use it in other species. However, as long as the CBD is pure and there is no hint of THC, you do not need to worry about giving it to your pet dog. You just need to learn the dosage and make sure that you do not exceed it.

3. Humans Often Have Problems Associated With Taking This Medicine

There are several mentions of these issues in various sources all over the world, especially during the time of prohibition. It has been used as an example for people and dissuades them from ever using the product. However, many modern scientific discoveries have suggested that this might not be the case. As we have said, it is important to learn the right dosage so that you will not be in danger. It is the same case for both humans and dogs and other products, including oil.

4. You Can Use The Same Oil For Animals And Humans

Aside from the negativity, there has been some confusion regarding the use of the oil in particular. For example, many still believe that all of them are created equal and can be used by everyone. Unfortunately, it may not be the truth anymore as many products are made for human and animal use, respectively. Some ingredients would work with one species only, so try to research more regarding the product that you want to use.

5. CBD Oil Is The Same As Snake Oil

The difference is rather obvious, as both of them do not come from the same source. However, it is a statement that suggests that both of them have the same level of effectiveness, i.e. none. As we have said before, it is effective, and many studies can prove that it does work, as this article agrees. The question that remains concerns the focus of the drug and what it can do to various parts of the body separately.

6. Dogs Have The Same Needs As Other Animals For CBD

It is crucial to note that not all animals are equal in their physical structure, so their needs are different from each other. Dogs need more than any other smaller animal, but it is the next biggest animal that has tested the effectiveness of cannabis. Each type of dog will also have a different dosage, so check with a specialist to learn more about it.

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