Recent Trends in Golf Course Real Estates

Recent Trends in Golf Course Real Estates

Can one live a golf-centric lifestyle without necessarily living within the vision of the first T-shirt? Best Essay Help experts provide a guide for us. Talking Rock in Prescott, Arizona, has become a haven for most people living in the Phoenix region.

Many are buying retirement homes in this area to get away from the heat and continue to enjoy golf climate all year-round. For years now, estate developers who mainly capitalize on the general opulence of golfers’ have continued to transform chunks of beautiful lands into residential and Golf private communities. All have a common goal aimed at promoting the opportunity of living around a common area. So is it possible to live a golf-centric lifestyle without necessarily living within sight of the first tee?

According to a “ProGuide3”questionnaire conducted by a facility that helps prospective members find suitable real estate and country club solutions.  It focuses on the Sun Belt, Naples’ Florida-based Golf Life Navigators. It found that nearly 40% of at least 9,000 golfers stated that they prefer moving to the Sun Belt as compared to living in gated communities. The situation has led to a decline in the desire for in-community living in golf real estate, as stated by CEO Jason Becker.

The typical age of club members has played a role in this shift. The majority of Sun Belt club members are creeping into their 70s. The average age of Global Location Number clients is 59, and most of them would most likely prefer living in a more appealing location like the beach or downtown instead of a region where their club lives remain dominated by Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs). It could be the reason why priorities have changed for some golfers.

HOA fees can be dreadful and compared to high local taxes paid for the pleasure of found in gated communities. These fees cover most of the household services rendered to the owner, such as staff salary, lawn maintenance, and in-home utilities such as water and electricity, and some carrying prices of a property. In Florida, some clubs combine club and HOA charges adding up to more than $30,000 per year.


A few clubs require members to reside inside a community for one to become a member. However, the majority of Sun Belt seekers feel comfortable living outside the club. As a result, members have excellent fiscal elasticity. Besides, members with spouses who do not play Golf are at an advantage because striking a balance in their lives gets easier.

From the survey, Becker’s data shows 92% of the participants believe that a training centre is an essential amenity they would look out for at a potential new home-based club. A contemporary small game training facility, including Practice holes with more than just a driving range and putting green, has become a requirement for most golfers because apart from playing and practicing, they want to feel at peace and home at the club.

Based on hearsay, activities around Florida town have increased in summer. It implies people traditionally considered as seasonal residents are gradually making Florida a very stable home base.


The decision to permanently reside in Florida comes down to these three aspects – Taxes, a Healthier Lifestyle, and the Weather. The weather factor is pretty indisputable. People prefer living in areas with excellent weather.

According to a contemporary study, a better lifestyle is the number one incentive out of these three elements. People are very mindful of their wellbeing. It makes a residence where outdoor events take place all year round attract more buyers. The Sun Belt region is very open to welcome the healthcare industry to serve existing retirees while attracting more.

Due to the new tax policy, there has been a dramatic spike in property tax burdens. Today owners can only deduct $10K worth of State and Local property taxes. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowered the deduction of interest paid on mortgages from $1 million to $750K. With Golf being a primarily wealthy sport, resident’s houses in this range are probably many, and the tax obligations increase due to this change continue to affect them.


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