How to Maintain the Perfect Cricket Gear

Cricket is among the popular sporting activities, boasting an extensive list of professional players and attracting millions of fans globally. Whether at a professional level or in your local team, you need the right gear to play cricket safely. The gear is a lot more than the fancy white jersey and cap. Check out the cricket shop online; you’ll be amazed by the extensive gear and how they make the game safer and more fun. Cricket gear isn’t as cheap. From the bat, helmet, gloves, pads, guards, shoes, and cricket bag, you’ll part with a noticeable portion of your hard-earned cash. As such, you need to ensure that the gear remains in top shape for an extended period. This comes down to how you maintain the gear. Here are straightforward tips to help you care for and maintain your cricket gear, ensuring it serves you long enough to realize the value of your investment.

Keep the gear clean

After the game, your gear will be dirty. The worst you can do is to store it in that state. Cleaning doesn’t only keep the gear shining. It eliminates concerns such as weakened fabric. Sweat, for example, can weaken and discolor fabric if left unattended. While essential, cleaning the cricket gear can be tricky. For example, helmets, gloves, and pads have more moving parts. The trick is to remove the detachable parts. Cleaning them separately makes the process a lot easier.

Cleaning agents are a go-to for many consumers. Nonetheless, don’t pick just about any agent. Some can be corrosive, which can discolor and weaken your cricket gear. Do your homework and ensure you pick the ideal solution. You can also make the process easier by turning to your home supplies. Water, baking soda, and mild soap can suffice. Wash the gear with a soft-bristled brush, thoroughly rinse, wipe with a soft cloth, and allow it to air dry.

Regular cleaning can be a challenge if you only have one gear, especially as air drying can take time. Nonetheless, you can keep the gear clean with hacks such as inners. Clean cricket gear is comfortable, looks nice, and lasts longer. As such, cleaning is a must as you look for measures to maintain the perfect cricket gear.

Storage measures

Do you leave your New Balance DC 1070 + cricket bat squeezed in the boot after a game? That won’t help; they’ll be all wrinkly, but the unappealing sight isn’t the only concern. The gear, such as bat, can absorb moisture or dry. This affects its durability and performance, meaning it won’t be as good as you like.

Picking an ideal spot to store your gear is essential. Room temperature is recommended, and if you don’t use the gear as frequently, additional measures are advised. For instance, invest in a bat cover. This doesn’t only make it an easy carry. It protects the bat from heat, dust, and moisture, keeping your favorite bat in top shape. Ensuring that the cricket gear like helmet, gloves, and pads aren’t squeezed means they won’t be subjected to more pressure that can scratch and ruin their protective capability.

Effective cleaning and proper storage are the keys to keeping the perfect cricket gear in top shape. You’ll protect your investment and stay safe as you enjoy the fun game.

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