Vape It Up: How Does the Firefly Vaporizer Work?

You’re at a party and your friend offers you a hit from their Firefly Vaporizer. Your heart sinks when you look at your Fuhume Heat. “So how does the Firefly work? Does it really use convection heat?” you ask with hope in your eyes.

“Well,” your friend says, “There’s this article that tells you everything you need to know.”

Your friend pulls up this post and you start skimming.

“Beauty At First Sight…” your eyes start trailing and you can’t stop reading. Next thing you know, you’re at the end of this post and you know how the Firefly Vaporizer works. See you there.

Beauty At First Sight

A sleek, chic device—the Firefly Vaporizer exceeds all expectations when it comes to first impressions.

The smooth, rounded, and polished body of the Firefly catches the eye and sits like it was made for the hand. While hefty, it makes a statement in your palm.

Opening the box, you’ll first find an instruction manual. Make sure you read this! Experimentation is not key when it comes to figuring out your Firefly. You’ll also find the charger, battery, and cleaning supplies.

Examining the Firefly, you’ll first find that putting the battery in immediately will make the vaporizer more comfortable and snug to hold. There are multiple buttons on the exterior of your Firefly: the left side holds an on/off switch, an indicator light, a heat grill, and the charger port.

The right side includes a heat button and a heat grill. The bottom has another heat grill and the top houses the mouthpiece.

Put To Work

The Firefly is simple when put to use. Simply put your material in the herb chamber, turn the vaporizer on, press the heat button, and draw.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Firefly should be preheated before actually drawing from the chamber.

To do this, put your material in the herb chamber, hold the heat button for about eight to ten seconds, then stop, and hold again for four more seconds. When you see the light on top of the Firefly glowing, you’re ready to take a long draw.

This vaporizer is designed to hit a max of 400°F in the chamber, so when you mix up the preheat method, keep in mind that you’ll be ranging the temperature from around 300° to the upper 300°s, which is the ideal temperature.

The longer you draw, the better the vapor quality and density will be. Experiment with your pull technique and how long/short you hold the heat button to preheat.

Everyone’s different, and your Firefly caters to you.


The Firefly offers a wide range of quality features.

These include (but aren’t limited to): heating up in less than 7 seconds, charging in 45 minutes, wonderful taste, and a convection heating method.

The convection heating method is the best direct-to-mouth type of vapor for you. There are two types of convection: the balloon style and the whip style.

A balloon style vaporizer requires a balloon in the herb chamber and a fan to circulate heated air to your mouth. The whip style convection method, however, only requires strong lungs to slowly draw heated air through the herb chamber and to your mouthpiece.

The Firefly Vaporizer puts the whip style convection method to great use, only heating what you ask it to and giving you the long draw you desire. The beauty is that the Firefly Vapor simply heats through the herb chamber and floats to your mouthpiece.

Firefly Vapor is also known for its glorious taste; bringing quality vapor right to your mouth. Longer draws will streamline a thicker vapor. After drawing a few times, make sure to shake the Firefly so that every last morsel of your material is being drawn out of the herb chamber.

Firefly Vaporizer: Models 1 vs 2

All of the above applies to both the Firefly 1 Vaporizer and the Firefly 2 Vaporizer. However, there are several system upgrades from Firefly 1 to 2.

One of the most prominent changes for the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is that it not only heats dry herbs like the Firefly 1, it’s also able to heat wax, butter, and rosin. Because of this, the Firefly 2 now offers six different heat settings—a whopping range of temperature from what you’re used to.

With the Gorilla Glass surrounding the herb chamber and a 50-watt heater, the Firefly 2 offers higher heat and less risk. The heat settings range from 340° to 420°, one of them specifically curated for use with wax and butter. The best thing about the Firefly 2’s range is that the glass chamber barely transfers heat.

The Firefly 2’s main body switches from aluminum to magnesium alloy, making for a lighter hold and a lower rate of heat. The Firefly 2’s battery is now capable of 8 sessions per charge.

Perhaps the biggest hype about the Firefly 2 is its heating time: three seconds. Rather than six to seven seconds with the first model, the Firefly 2 is quick and effective with its heating.

Your Job

Of course, your main job is to learn how to best use your Firefly to your advantage. But you’ll also need to remember to clean your Firefly Vaporizer effectively.

Since the exterior and the window of the herb chamber stay warm for a bit after each use, you should clean your Firefly after each session. The Firefly comes with a double-sided cleaning tool to help maintain the cleanliness of your device, but a towel or cloth does the job well.

After heavy sessions, you might need to use an alcohol solution to really clean the glass and interior of your Firefly. Users say that they’re able to wait for about 15 sessions before needing to deep-clean their Firefly.

Your New Friend

There you are: you know how the Firefly Vaporizer works now.

Convection heating has never been so easy and effective. With its quick charge, quick draw, and satisfying taste, the Firefly 1 Vaporizer and the Firefly 2 Vaporizer are for sale from various sources.

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