Cade Bradford Knudson reels in the 5 best places for flying fishing in the U.S.

Cade Bradford Knudson is hooked.

The Denver-based financial professional has made a splash in the business world. Yet his true passion is out on the open waters.

Sure, Cade Bradford Knudson has experienced a tremendous amount of success, managing multi-million dollar portfolios for a wide array of clients. He enjoys the fast-paced nature of his work, analyzing data and juggling responsibilities to make immediate, informed financial decisions. When he clocks out for the day, he feels accomplished to have excelled in such a competitive environment. Yet, still, nothing is as rewarding as casting a line.

That’s why fly fishing has quickly become one of Cade Bradford Knudson’s favorite hobbies. It’s exciting to haul in a trophy catch worthy of hanging over a mantle. But fly fishing is also a chance to soak in some scenic views.

Fortunately, for Cade Bradford Knudson, some of the best spots are right in his own backyard. With this in mind, the fly fishing aficionado runs through some truly off-the-hook fly fishing places here in the U.S.

Florida Keys

Florida is synonymous with fishing. Yet the Florida Keys are one of the few fly-fishing locations that don’t require an excursion through the mountains. Saltwater enthusiasts can rake in tarpon, permit, and bonefish. Fishing here is a real destination. In addition to contracting a charter, Cade Knudson Denver encourages guests to chill on the beach during their downtime.

Gauley River

Visitors to West Virginia have no shortage of options. While the Bluestone National Scenic River and New River Gorge National Park are both excellent locales, the Gauley River remains at the top of the list. Waterways teeming with trout, walleye, and bass are only half the fun. Cade Knudson Denver touts the Gauley River as one of the more remote and tranquil fly-fishing places.

Rock Creek

At Rock Creek, fishermen are treated to endless streams of trout set against the expansive Montana skies. Just 52 miles south of Missoula, these fish-rich waters are a dream. Rough it by setting up camp inside the national forest. Or, splurge at one of the area’s many cabins and luxury resorts, like The Ranch at Rock Creek.

Tanasee Creek

Fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains is often overlooked. Tucked away within its ridges, Tanasee Creek is one of the best-kept secrets. Panoramic views and fully-stocked streams make for a cozy retreat. However, this sprawling river system is near several major cities, making it easy to break away for a higher-energy night on the town.

Blue River

No list would be complete without Cade Knudson Denver recommending a spot a little closer to home. And this shouldn’t be a surprise. Colorado and the Rocky Mountains are premier destinations for anglers hoping to hook some world-class catches. Other than an occasional kayak drifting by, the Blue River offers a true oasis away from civilization. The 65-mile river meaders through the mountains. But you can also enjoy some time on the shore, hiking and exploring some places off the beaten path.

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