Brilliant Tricks To Maintain The Value Of Sports Memorabilia Collection

Sports fans invest a lot of cash to buy memorabilia featuring their favourite athletes. Since these items cost a fortune, it could be a waste of money if they keep it hidden in the closet. These collectors’ items deserve proper appreciation by getting displayed in the right location. If you are one of those to collect items from your beloved sports heroes, you must protect your investments using proper memorabilia framing.

Conventional framing techniques may not give justice to the value of your precious items. You need to put extra effort to protect the items. Here are the ways to make sure that the sports memorabilia that you bought is highly secured so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Keep Moisture Out Of Your Collection

One of the worst enemies of your expensive sports memorabilia is moisture. It can trigger the decomposition of items made with fabric or other organic materials. If your collection gets exposed to excessive moisture, it could make objects like autographed jerseys decay faster. You can avoid it by keeping the memorabilia away from high humidity areas like garages or basements. It is also best to consider getting the services of companies offering memorabilia framing to ensure that moisture will not seep into the sealed frame. These professionals know how to handle valuable items that need complete moisture protection.


Avoid Direct Exposure To The Sun

You may be tempted to display your precious memorabilia collection in the brightest spot of the house to make sure that it gets highlighted. But exposing them to the sun or in areas with high temperatures may do more harm than good. The fabrics of the sports jerseys belong to the list of materials that deteriorate fast due to heat and direct sunlight. Exposure to UV rays can affect the fabrics’ colours and cause the fading of your idol’s valuable signature. The best way to display these items is to keep them in an area with mild temperatures. It is also ideal to have it sealed in frames with UV protection.

Stop Touching The Items All The Time 

It might be tempting to constantly touch your beloved collection to appreciate its beauty and value. Other people will also want to see these items up close and touch the autographs of the celebrity who signed it. However, this practice might only damage the object and smudge the autographs. It may also expose it to dirt and stains that may be hard to remove. If this happens, the value of your collectibles may diminish significantly. So keep yourself from touching the items and remind everyone who wants to come near it that it is better seen than handled.

Having a sports memorabilia collection can be a fulfilling hobby. It can allow you to own a piece of an item that belonged to a popular sports hero. Since these items are often worth a fortune, you need to do everything possible to keep its value intact so you can pass it to the future generation. It would be ideal to seek help from professional framers to ensure that these items will stay protected from harsh elements so it will remain in its prime state.

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