Best Headlamps from OLIGHT Store

Olight is a multinational company that is known all around the world because of its amazing illuminant products. The company is working in Georgia, the USA where many different products including flashlights, stirnlampe, hand torches, etc. that help to bring strong and long-lasting light in the darkness. Let’s check out some of the lamp products offered by OLIGHT.

OLIGHT H2R Nova Head-Lamp

OLIGHT H2R Nova is a super brilliant headlamp that provides immensely bright light for the purpose of searching for something in dark and for self-defense.

Timing of Light

This headlamp consists of 2300 lumens that can work for 2hours and 30 minutes very easily. It facilitates the user with unbeatable light timing which makesthe journey enjoyable.

Proper grip

This head-lamp is very comfortable in holding and it will never hurt your wrist. You can hold it for hours without slipping.

Rechargeable and replaceable battery

H2R Nova headlamp is equipped with long last battery which can easily be charged for hundreds of times. You can also replace the battery more than 1800 times and continue using this amazing headlamp wherever you want.

OLIGHT Perun Mini 1000 Lumens angle head-lamp

OLIGHT Perun mini is an amazingly powerful product that can give an output of 1000 lumens.

Multifunctional product

Perun mini black angle headlamp is actually multi-purpose equipment. You can use it as a headlamp, headband, and along with different vehicles because it has magnetic attachment. You can also attach it through the pocket clip and take it anywhere along with you. It has a 60-degree rotation for the desired focusing.

Quick charging

The magnetic mechanism of the charging built-in this headlamp quickly charges it and makes it able to be used for hours. The lithium-ion battery charges very fast and

Waterproof product

This headlamp is designed using a high-quality aluminum alloy that makes it resistant to water and heat. It can be used for 4 to 5 days without any trouble and reduction in light.

OLIGHT PERUN Mini 1000 Lumens Compact head-lamp

OLIGHT PERUN mini compact handlamp makes your dark journey fully brighten up with light. It can provide long-lasting light rays for hours.

LED light

This amazing headlamp is composed of tiny and powerful LED lights that not only provide the output of 1000 lumens but also quickly charge and work for a longer time.

Easy to use

The operation of thisOLIGHT headlamp is quite simple and user-friendly. There is an on/off button present over the light that can be rotated for the desired operation.

Other accessories

This headlamp comes with different accessories including stainless steel pocket clip, user manual report, a duty patch, and a manual report.

Final Verdict

OLIGHT is an outstanding company that provides excellent Chinese products to everywhere in the world. The high-quality beams of the headlamps and the pure white light brighten up the surrounding. The lightweight products of OLIGHT are easy to use with and these headlamps give1000 lumens output. Thus, grab these headlamps and use them comfortably for different purposes.


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