Your Complete Guide to Women’s Equestrian Clothing

All sports have uniforms. Soccer players wear cleats and basketball players wear basketball shorts. Equestrian riders are no different.

Traditional equestrian clothing helps you look the part. Above all else, proper women’s equestrian clothing ensures your safety and comfort during your ride.

Keep reading to learn what you need to wear for your next equestrian adventure.


The most important part of your outfit is your helmet.

Nearly 70,000 people end up in the ER due to equestrian activities. It has been shown that approved helmets reduce severe head injuries by 50%. Both beginners and pro horseback riders should wear helmets while riding because you never know what could happen.

When picking out a helmet make sure it is ASTM/SEI approved. For new horseback riders, double-check with your training facility to see if you need to supply your helmet.


No matter what type of horseback riding you plan to do, you are going to need tight, form-fitting pants.

Trained equestrian riders wear either breeches or jodhpurs. The main difference between the two types of pants is that jodhpurs have a “stirrup” at the bottom and breeches do not.

Pants made for equestrians also have textured fabric on the inner leg that acts as an extra grip when you are riding.


As for your shirt, you can wear whatever feels most comfortable. However, the shirt should still be fitted (loose fabric can get tangled in your gear) and you should have some arm coverage to protect you if you fall off. If you are riding in a formal setting, you’ll probably need to opt for something with a collar.


You can’t just wear sneakers when horseback riding. All womens equestrian riding boots are designed with a distinct heel. If you aren’t ready to invest in riding boots, whatever shoes you wear have to have some sort of heel so that your foot stays in the stirrup while riding.

You have a few choices when it comes to horseback riding boots. Popular styles include knee-height dress boots, ankle-length Chelsea boots or paddock boots, and the classic western cowboy boot. Before buying your first pair of boots, check with where you plan to ride to see what they recommend.


Your equestrian outfit isn’t complete without a few key accessories. The following will not just pull together your outfit, but will also provide you an added layer of comfort.


Wear a pair of boot socks that won’t fall down as you ride. For colder months, try a sock with added insulation.


The type of underwear you wear can be the difference between a great ride and an uncomfortable one. Wear a pair of seamless underwear. Many women equestrian riders prefer boyshort-cut underwear when riding.


A pair of durable riding gloves can protect your hands from dirt and blisters. If you’re riding outside in the wintertime, you can get gloves with added warmth.


Long loose-fitting jackets are discouraged when horseback riding, as they can get caught in your saddle. Try to go with a short form-fitting jacket or a traditional riding jacket from one of the equestrian clothing brands.

Your Guide to Women’s Equestrian Clothing

Before you even jump on a horse and start riding, make sure your outfit is appropriate. Proper equestrian attire not only helps you look the part but makes sure you have a safe and comfortable ride. If you follow our women’s equestrian clothing guide, you’ll be set for your next adventure.

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