What TO consider before buying Volleyball Shoes: Step by step guide

There is some important step you must know before buying a volleyball shoe. There are about 3 most important steps that I am going to discuss.

You can also follow those steps to choose the best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos in this present time, It must help you.

Step 1: Prioritize the Outsole

What sets volleyball shoes apart from many other athletic shoes is that the superior hardcourts they provide on the court can be quick and you will appreciate the amount of grip when you continue to move quickly and precisely. Many volleyball players even look to increase the flow of their shoes to prevent any sliding.

In most cases, however, the outsoles should be made with fairly soft and somewhat flexible rubber to help provide you with good footing. There should also be plenty of tread and flex grooves that allow you to curl on the ball of your feet. You will notice that many companies make their volleyball shoes with intricate tread patterns for a specific reason: amazing traction.

Step 2: Consider Other Essentials


Volleyball gives lots of jumps around, which can be tiring for your feet without proper cushions. Landing on hard ground after a high jump or take off can push a good amount and is not good for your ankles and ligaments over time. Thus, cushioning through the heel / forefoot and midsole / insole should be great for the most affected absorption. If you play volleyball for long periods of time, it provides general comfort even for daily or all-day tournaments, even cushioning.


When learning how to choose volleyball shoes, it is also important to talk about support. Volleyball requires a lot of side movement for which lateral and ankle support are crucial. Fast side-to-side movements can put a lot of pressure on your ankles and the end you want is a spread ankle. In addition to great tracing, the midsole plays a big role in supporting your foot ball.

The midsole should be extremely strong while allowing for some flexibility so that your legs are not locked in one position. Defenders should look for shoes that have great durability in all directions to help you hold your ground when blocking shots.


Most volleyball shoes are very light so players can be agile. Women’s shoes typically run from 9 to 11 ounces, men’s shoes can be anywhere from 11 to 15 ounces. However, it depends on who makes the shoes, the style, the materials used and the size. Many volleyball shoes are synthetic materials and mesh for light weight and breathability.

Of course, there are other variables to play with when choosing a volleyball shoe so it’s important to find a good balance between the other qualities for the shoe that fits your style of play.


Sustainability is often something that people will ask when learning how to choose volleyball shoes. Walmet shoes should be strengthened at the right times so that the upper part can be kept without timely wear. The durability is tied directly to a stiff upper and long lasting outsole. If you play volleyball more often, expect to wear any shoes sooner.

Under normal circumstances, a high quality volleyball shoe will last at least a full season if played 4-5 times a week. If you play more accidentally, your shoes will last you a long time, perhaps a year or more. What happens to most shoes over time is that the traction loses its edge, the ankle / side support decreases, or the materials just start to fall apart.

Step 3: Find the Right Fit

Signs of a perfect fit

  • Shoes should be relatively snug fit but not too tight (not more than 1/4 to 1/2 space)
  • The heel may rotate slightly but should not slip
  • You need to have adequate ankle support to keep your feet moving
  • Standing still, walking, running, jumping or changing directions is not uncomfortable at all
  • You should be able to bend normally

How to fit volleyball shoes

  • Your feet tend to swell during the day Shop for shoes in the evening
  • Wear the socks you want to play with when buying shoes for the right fit

Try different dynamic movements to make sure there is no pain or irritation