What are the best tennis rackets for serve and volley players ?

Are you the one who always wonders and is eager to know that What are the best tennis rackets for serve and volley  players ? But still it is a mystery for you. Here we are going to provide you the satisfactory answer for all of your queries. Serve and volley are the two significant shots in tennis that require control and maneuverability in specific but other factors like stability, touch, comfort and power should also not be taken out of context. We are going to reveal the 5  best tennis rackets for women that are specifically designed for serve and volley players. It is pertinent to mention here that the dissection of details about these rackets are made by our own observations. Down here we go for racket’s prose and cons.

●      Babolat pure strike – 16 x 19 as a best racket for serve and volley

The mentioned racket emerged at the top of our list in the category of the best rackets for serve and volley. We can say that it is an al- rounder of the rackets that can be used at any position in the court but can operate exquisitely in serve and volley at 11.3 oz and 98 sq inches. Another positive factor of this very best racket is that it is light weight thus allowing the player for better maneuverability at net and causing swift reaction times. The frame of this racket is flexible when comparison is made to its other members of the Babolat racket family.

The only drawback that we sensed about it is that it is slightly less powerful than other of its family members.

●      Wilson pro staff RF97 Autograph as a best racket for serve and volley

This racket has been used by tennis aces who dominated the world of tennis i.e Roger Federer. It is quite dissimilar to others because of its adorable design. At 97 square inches it can be used for serve and volley with its thin beams and light head. Some of its features are that it is stable, solid and champion of good control. This racket is not only the best according to us but tenniscompanion.org has also admired it for its best performance in scoring volleys, slices and net play. It should be remembered that this racket is a bit heavy to use.

●      Prince phantom pro 100 as a best racket for serve and volley

Prince has a 100 square inch head, 11.3 oz strung weight and frame stiffness of 54. It is arm friendly and more responsive in nature which boosts the confidence level of the player to hold the area with net. This racket best fits with both of the intermediate and advanced level players who are keen on attacking game. Hence it has low head weight, gives more room for the maneuverability at the net. We also found it better at groundstrokes however it lacks power and spin when put together with some other rackets on the list of the best rackets in the world.

●      Wilson Six One 95 18 x 20 as a best racket for serve and volley

The head size of this best racket in the world is only 95 square inches while possessing a weight of 12.3 ounces strung making it somehow heavier. It has a heavier frame that permits the player to have comfortable contact. These rackets are the master of control. Wilson rackets upon our trial performed well in baseline as well as at the net.

If you are the one who loves playing server and volleys then Wilson Six One is the perfect companion of yours in a successful career. The main drawbacks of this racket that caught ours as well as other professionals’s attention is that it is heavyweight and provides low power quality.

●      Yonex Ezone dr 98 blue as best racket for serve and volley

Either you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level player, you are definitely going to love this racket. It can aid you in posting victories on the tennis court. What makes it more valuable is its perfect control and touch. These two qualities make it stand out of the normal rackets and soars high in the list of best rackets in the world for serve and volley players. It is composed of Nanometric DR Carbon graphite. It possesses a flex frame and head with a square. This racket makes sure the comfortability of the player by reducing the vibration which results from the hit of the ball. Yonex delivers superior output by offering good control and maneuverability which makes the player brave enough to go for a serve and volley shot. It can also deliver good result in hitting groundstrokes from the baseline

●      Other factors affecting racket performance

It is important to know that there are some other factors as well which affects the performance of the racket and the player too when going for serve and volley shots. These factors are mostly the choice of the players. It includes grip size, choice of string, string gauge with the addition of string tension too.


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