Ways to Create Your Own Marathon Training Schedule

Running a marathon but don’t know where to begin with training? Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

Training for a marathon isn’t a “one size fits all” type of deal. And depending on previous experience, personal goals, time constraints, and types of training you enjoy, everyone’s program will start and finish in a different place. Hint: beginners should prioritize different things than advanced runners!

Keep reading to learn how you can create an awesome marathon training schedule.

Previous Experience

A beginner marathon training plan will look much different from an advanced training plan. To determine your level, you can do running fitness tests and ask yourself some fitness questions.

Here are questions to consider:

  • How often do I do cardio workouts?
  • For how long can I do a cardio workout?
  • What is my current running pace?
  • How long can I hold a conversation pace?

And if you’re new to the marathon game, here’s a pro tip for race day. Pin your running race bibs on the lower front of your shirt so it can be easily seen!

Personal Goals 

No matter what your objective is, make sure it’s realistic for you.

If you’re new to running marathons, you should aim to finish the race. So instead of training for a specific time, clock how many miles you can run.

But if you’re a seasoned runner, set a goal and train for that time. To map out the road to your goal, look at a speed table for your desired race and practice running at a consistent pace.

Time Constraints 

Training takes a lot of time and effort, so you want to be sure this is the right time in your life to run a marathon. If you decide that it is, block out how many weeks you have to train and what those weeks will look like.

For example, if you have a super busy life, do fewer runs throughout the week that are higher intensity. But if you have free time to spare, run more often and increase the mileage as you go.

And if you have less time than you would like, you still have to take recovery time to prevent injury and allow your body to rest.

Types of Training 

When prepping for a marathon, different types of training include:

  • Base runs
  • Long runs
  • Speed workouts
  • Cross-training
  • Hill repeats

While you want to build a well-rounded schedule that matches your fitness level, you should lean into the types of training you most enjoy. And on the days when you have to conquer the training you don’t love, do it in a group or set a reward for yourself when it’s done.

Now Build Your Marathon Training Schedule 

Creating a marathon training schedule can be daunting at first, but you’re already on your way to success. And whether you’re running a half marathon or a full one, your training should be fun and exciting. Now build your schedule and cross the finish line with pride!

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