Handling a heavy motorcycle is a very tough responsibility. Riding a heavy bike requires a lot of patience and courage to ride on various terrains.

Riding a heavy motorcycle is a thrilling activity but at the same time, it can create issues for managing the motorbike.

Handling a heavy-duty bike is not as easy as you think it is. Unless you are a motor gear expert! The good news is there are top tips to handle a heavy motorcycle.

These tips will provide you to handle your heavy-duty motorcycle with care. And without damaging the sensitive parts of your motorbike.

So, here are the top tips to handle a heavy motorcycle:


Parking a heavy motorcycle correctly is very important when it comes from either a straight road or a turning point. When finding a place to park yourmotorbike, choose a parking space that is flat, smooth and non-slippery. The flat surface should have an uphill chamber so your bike doesn’t lean in. If this occurs, then it will make the bike heavier to lift off the side stand. When pulling off the bike from the side stand, take the handlebars and turn right until they are locked. Then grab the right handle with both hands and also grab the brake lever. This will be able to park your motorcycle easily but do make sure the surface should not have any bumps or cracks. Remember you take the side stand instead of the centre stand after parking.

Ride smoothly

Make sure you ride your heavy motorbike smoothly at moderate speed. This will allow you to ride faster on the race track and safer on wet roads. A heavy motorcycle enables to ride steadily during low traffic speeds. To handle for a heavy motorcycle in ease is to apply the brakes, handlebars and steering adjustments as smoothly as possible. To make it simple is to ride smoothly in various terrains without any jerkiness. Do not get nervous to ride on bumpy and crooked roads.

Keep your head up and straight

When riding your heavy bike, always keep your head up and straightwhile riding on the road. Never look down as this will create a distraction and results in a fatal road accident. Even when you are riding slowly, you should always keep your head straight. Make sure youalways keep an eye on the road while riding. Never use your phone or talk while riding!

Handle brakes, clutch and handlebars smoothly

A heavy motorcycle has powerful internal parts which must utilize carefully in various road situations. Do make sure you apply the brakes, clutch and handlebars smoothly and at the right time. When applying the brakes and clutch, don’t put too much pressure on these parts as this will result in a loss of control. And so would result in an imbalance of your bike. To prevent this happening is to move slowly and control better when it comes to handling during high speeds. When riding during wet roads, do be careful when applying these three forces of the bike. Only use the front brakes to stop immediately.

Point your feet in turns

It is normally tough to take sharp turns on a heavy bike in a mobile position. When it comes to taking a sharp turn, the best thing to do is to put down the right foot when taking right turns. And put down the left foot when taking left turns. This rule can be simplified as a single sentence: Use right foot for right turns and use left foot for left turns. Keep this sentence in mind and you will remember for the rest of your riding journey.

Tilt the bike

It is very hard to tilt the bike during slow speeds as this would result to fall off the bike. And thus unable to catch the handlebars. To do this is to tilt the bike toward your foot downward. Then you will start turning straight away even before you add any extra force. This is best done by steering and leaning the bike at the same time during tight turns. Do make sure you lean carefully during tight turning points.

Sit up straight

To maintain the sitting position while on your bike is to sit up straight. This will help to maintain your eye contact on the road and thus will improve balance. One of the best ways to fix the posture is to sit straight and let your motorcycle do the job for you. This balance will improve when tilting the bike. You can also straighten and extend the inside leg in the direction you are turning towards to.

Don’t oversteer

Steering your handlebars consistently will great an imbalance between you and the motorbike. This would result in collapse and therefore you will fall of the bike. If you are nervous while riding, chances are you will find it difficult to control your speed. One of the simple ways to avoid over-steering is to lift your chin and keep your gaze upon the road.

Elbows out

Using your elbows up and out are the best ways to execute a right turn or riding at a low speed. This is the best way to accentuate the lift in the opposite elbow and you will have better control of taking sharp turns. So do make sure you stick out your elbows when executing turns and riding during low speeds.

Choose a good pair of motorcycle boots

Riding a heavy motorcycle requires good protection for your feet. To overcome friction and feet injuries is to invest a good pair of motorcycle boots. These boots are designed specifically to ride on heavy bikes and aids to maintain the position of your feet while riding. These solid pair of motorcycle boots will help you to prevent slipping and reduce abrasion during sharp turns.

Practice often

As you know practice makes perfect, practice for riding a heavy bike will make you become a perfectionist on the road. If you love riding with your heavy motorcycle and want to reduce road collisions is to simply practice a lot. This will help you to develop the awareness of road safety and notice any signs of mistakes while riding. Your mistakes will be avoided by practicing occasionally.

So here are the top tips to handle a heavy motorcycle! Each tip will help you to handle your heavy motorcycle with patience and courage. Do make sure you use these tips before you embark onto your heavy motorcycle. If you are ready for this, then it is time to show your thrill and fun on the road.

Make sure you handle your heavy motorcycle with care!

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