Put a Label On It: 5 Things to Consider When Designing an Event Logo

Having a logo for your event is not just something static. It signifies the brand’s visual identity. Without a logo for an event would make the brand meaningless. Leaving a long-lasting impression on your guests means having a unique logo. Your logo represents all of the values your party brings.

Logos are essential. They can be very overwhelming when designing, but the results will make a mark on your guests. To have a logo, you must know what it explains, who you are, what the party is for, what to do at the party, and so on. Think of it as something you have to post on social media, marketing materials, flyers, and newspapers. You have to make a mark.

A good logo together with the name of your event is a flagship to success. A good logo represents professionalism and forms a bond of trust to your guests -leading to more success. The following will help you with everything you need to know, from defining the event’s identity to the right choices when designing your perfect logo.

Be Eye Catching

First and foremost, you have to come up with a brand identity. A brand identity is how your party is going to be represented. Fonts and colors, packaging, website designs, and stationery are some to consider so that the guests can see what your party will look like. It makes up how you want your guests to feel. Once you find your brand identity, everything else will come as easy as a pea.

After finding your brand identity, you must then design your logo. Use striking photos, fonts, and colors if you want to impact your party. As much as possible, you want to get everyone’s attention. You could either put Beer Cups or Barbecue as your primary photo. Or perhaps you can tell people that you will be using a stadium as a party venue in Newcastle. Once you get people’s attention, you will undoubtedly draw in many guests.

Find an Inspiration for Your Design

First, you would need to collate verbal ideas from people to visualize your logo somehow. You can do this by hosting a brainstorming session with people involved in the event. You and your group should pin down all of what you would want your logo to look like. Spark up ideas from various people because someone in the room might have a bright idea. Here are a few tricks and tips on how to brainstorm properly.

Consider accepting all of the ideas presented

May they be good or bad. You’ll never know unless you think hard about it.

Think like how your audience would do

List all of the words that describe your event and how you would like it to be perceived.

Color Scheme Helps

Consider using colors that relate to your logo. Different colors mean different things. There is a psychological explanation behind colors, but colors have specific ideas and emotions to keep them short and straightforward. To consider is knowing the color theory and checking out its meanings. Examples of color schemes that may relate to your party are the following.


It stands out and means excitement, anger, and passion. Red is an excellent choice for an event that is loud and youthful.


Orange screams vibrant, playful, and refreshing. It’s not as used as red, but it has the same energy.

Choose the Most Fitting Typography

You would want to pick a font that completes and complements your logo. Fonts make up your logo as it tells your audience who you are. Just like color schemes, they have a psychological meaning that creates an impact that invites your guests. Listed below are some basic types of fonts you can work with.

Display Fonts

Display fonts are the festive fonts that stylize and catch your audiences’ eyes.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts make your logo look high-end and classic. They are very versatile and can look great with any design. Still, they work well with vintage, classic, or elegant designs.

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts work well with modern and clean-looking designs. They look well in modern, calm, and minimal logos.

Communicate With The Designer

After considering all of the necessary points in making a logo, you are now ready to begin designing! Acquiring a logo comes in many different ways. Some agencies offer logo design. Project logo makers also exist and require different prices with other qualities and have pros and cons for options.

Another trick is to have a logo design contest. To ensure that your design comes out well, first, you have to talk clearly. Write an explicit creative instruction to make your designer understand what they must do. Give them the needed information to create something unique and intended only for you.


Inviting guests and hosting a party is not that simple. You must plan everything out well from the venue, the food and drink you will serve, and even your logo. Logos create a sense of entitlement, and it differentiates your work from everybody else. It represents you and what you want to convey.

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