Juliana Garofalo Offers 5 Tips for Early Spring Fishing

Juliana Garofalo recently discussed five must-have tips for early-season fishing.

NORWALK, CT / FEB. 2023 / The harsh cold of February can make fishing days seem distant. However, Juliana Garofalo explained that the early fishing season is just around the corner.

“Spring fishing is drastically different than summer and autumn fishing,” Garofalo said. “It helps to have a few tips under your belt before heading to the lake, river, ocean, or other waterways.”

Garofalo, who spent years deep-sea fishing with her family and continues to fish in all types of waterways, recently offered her top tips for early-season fishing.

Go Where the Water’s Warm

Garofalo explained that the most significant difficulty with early-season fishing is finding the warmest water in the area, especially in Connecticut. She suggested heading out on the warmest possible spring days and looking for shallow areas where the water has already had time to warm.

Downsize Your Bait

Fish tend to be less aggressive when the water is beginning to warm. Garofalo suggested using smaller lures and reeling slowly to keep fish on the line. Live bait is ideal for luring in less active fish.

Fish Attractants Can Work

Fish can be more challenging to find during the early spring months, but that doesn’t mean they are not around. Garofalo suggested using a natural fish attractant like the BaitCloud to lure fish into the area.

Be Considerate of Weather and Water Changes

Spring weather and water are unpredictable, so understanding the weather forecast and possible patterns can keep fishermen and women safe. Juliana Garofalo suggested fishing where the water clarity is good and not where current changes are likely to happen.

Be aware that the temperature can drop quickly, and rainfall is common during spring months. Fishermen and women must dress accordingly to keep themselves comfortable and safe.

Practice Patience

“Fishing is all about patience,” Garofalo said. “That’s especially important during the early spring when fish move slowly, and temperatures are often chilly.”

Garofalo suggested dressing in layers to adjust to increases and decreases in air and body temperature. Staying comfortable helps maintain patience when waiting for fish.

Spring fishing doesn’t always result in as many catches as summer and fall fishing. However, she explained the benefits of spending time with family and friends near the water are just the same.

Benefits of Fishing

Garofalo loves fishing because it is the source of many of her happiest memories as a child. She explained that no matter the season, fishing can offer numerous benefits to individuals and families.

The following are a few reasons why fishing can be beneficial for the body and mind:

  • Fishing is a physical activity that helps keep people fit
  • It improves concentration and patience
  • Time in the sun improves vitamin D intake
  • Fishing can reduce stress and improve self-esteem
  • It promotes time with family and friends

Garofalo suggested fishing as an ideal way to pass time during the peaceful spring months when fewer people are on the waterways.

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