How To Transfer Your Spectrum Services When Moving To A New Address?

Moving to a new place is hard. It requires a lot of planning and action. If you have Spectrum Internet or any other service from the company and worried about shifting your services, there’s good news. The process is hassle-free. Some fees might be involved in transferring the services, but it’s bearable.

Between arranging a moving company and transferring your belongings to the new place, don’t forget that you need to inform your Internet, phone, and cable provider about the address changes as well. Call Spectrum support and let them know you are moving.


How to Go About Moving Your Services

No matter where you are moving, you must first confirm your new address to ensure it’s located within the provider’s service area. The company recommends its subscribers to make arrangements for transferring the services at least 2 weeks before the move.

You can check their coverage map to determine if they are operational in your new address or simply call support. After confirming the availability, let an agent know you want to transfer your services, and they will walk you through the next steps.

What to Expect in Terms of Transfer Fees?

Transferring your services to a new address means you will have to incur some fees. This fee largely depends on the services you want to move (Internet alone or all three services) and if you can carry out the self-installation. These are the fees you will have to incur:


Transfer Fee

All current customers must pay a one-time fee of $9.99 to move their services to a new address. To schedule your transfer, call 1-855-363-4906, and the fee will be added to your bill the next month.


Installation Fee

Since you will need professional assistance to install Internet or cable services at your new place, you must bear the installation fee again. It’s a one-time fee of $49.99. A technician will come to your place and wire the equipment and activate the services so that you can enjoy the same experience in your new home as well. This fee applies even if you already have Spectrum’s equipment.


Wi-Fi Activation Fee

If you have opted for Wi-Fi services, you will have to incur a Wi-Fi activation fee as well. This is a one-time fee too. The relief is TV and voice subscribers don’t have to worry about this fee unless they want to get the Triple Play bundle that comes with Internet services.


Go For Self-Installation to Avoid the Fee

Hoping to save on the additional fees? Well, you can’t avoid the transfer fee, but you can avoid the installation fee. This is possible by opting for self-installation. If you have seen a technician install the equipment before, hooking up your Internet will be a piece of cake then.

When informing the company that you are moving to a new address, ask if you are eligible for self-installation. In case you are, opt for it, and you will be saving $49.99. Ask them about the eligibility beforehand because if you are not eligible and move to the new place without an appointment, you could end up without your Spectrum services. Keep in mind this could go on for a few days, so act in advance.

Self-installation is free. The company will mail a kit (that’s why opting for the service in advance is mandatory) to your address. The kit contains cables and other essentials required to install the router and modem and activate the Internet services. It also comes with an instruction manual.




You can activate your Spectrum TV and Internet and/or phone services whenever you are ready (even if you haven’t moved in yet). Make all the arrangements beforehand to avoid the gap in your services.

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