How to Make a Bowling Ball Spinner

One of the main bowling accessories would be a bowling ball spinner. A ball spinner allows you to sand or polish your bowling ball’s surface evenly. Since you twist the ball around, it is possible to pressure the body to make sure your bowling ball is coated correctly or polished. Most bowling players will suggest that your ball needs constant care to maintain the prime condition, and so they’re right. It isn’t merely about cleanup, though.

Bowling balls requires polishing and sanding as well. Unfortunately, it’s tough to do so without a device that will keep the ball spinning, so you’d be ready to gain access to its whole surface. This is the point where a bowling ball spinner comes in. In this post, you will find out how you too can make your bowling ball spinner and why having a spinner convenient is key to your ball’s performance and safety.

How You Can Make a Bowling Ball Spinner

You always have the option to buy one, obviously, but where’s the fun in that? Besides the sense of accomplishment you get from creating your bowling ball spinner, you get to save yourself a couple of bucks you would otherwise spend to buy a fresh one. If you should be up and excited for the task, here’s a summary of stuff you’ll need and an easy-to-follow guide regarding what is possible to make a bowling ball spinner.

Materials & Tools

Within this tutorial, we will be taking a look at how to build a bowling ball spinner out of a tumble dryer engine that’s bolted to either side of a garage. Make Sure You have these ready:

  • A powerful timber to make a box and a sheet of wood made with two ×1
  • steel angle
  • Water Heater (you also can get one in the vehicle )
  • Bolts
  • Drill
  • Dish



The first step is always to make a powerful box with wood. Try to strengthen the peak of your box using a steel angle. Then proceed into the outer area of the box and repair a water pump on the left side. Verify the top of the motor’s pully is precisely the same height since the water pump’s most pully (the water pump’s pully is larger). When that is done, bolt the water pump in place using four bolts. The most challenging part of this DIY task is choosing the ideal dish the size of a ball.

To get one:

  1. Choose your bowling ball from several shops and try to determine if it fits perfectly into any dish. When you do find one, you are in luck.
  2. Drill three distinct holes in the pully and then place the dish’s base between two steel plate circles to strengthen it.
  3. Bolt the steel plate and dish base to your pully using three bolts in the three holes you drilled earlier.

Once that is done, you own a bowling ball spinner ready to utilize.

Since this can be a DIY project, you have to make positive that you will find and utilize no more than the correct equipment. You need to ensure the pully attached to your motor spindle isn’t too big by way of instance. If it’s too large, the dish turns out a great deal faster than it should, making it near impossible to wash or polish your bowling ball.

The Reason Why You Need a Bowling Ball Spinner

Whether you are a professional athlete or just some guy who loves the game, you need your bowling ball to take the best condition if you expect to perform well while playing with it. To try it, you need to give your bowling ball proper sanding, cleaning, and polishing. Polishing and sanding the bowling ball reduces the friction between the surface and the trail allowing the ball to conserve enough energy that’s discharged down the alley.

Since you consistently use your bowling ballets surface wears off, and it loses its polishing. This means you need to continually polish your ball for it to be in prime condition. This is the reason you must have a bowling ball spinner. Without this bowling ball equipment, the polish is either too little, perhaps not enough, or will not go across the ball’s surface equally. It isn’t only about getting a bowling ball spinner; you need to get a ball spinner that’s not too slow or fast down. If the ball spinner is too fast, you are going to wind up applying an awful lot of polish to your ball, and it grows more vulnerable to scratches when it has thrown down the trail area. When it’s too slow, you won’t get enough polish on the ball.

Can Make Your Own Bowling Ball Spinner a Great Idea?

In regards to DIY projects, it is about the person who is operating on the project. Perhaps not many folks can make bowling ball spinners. However, that’s not to say it’s hopeless. As the rules with this article imply, you can make your ball spinner if you’re able to get the tools needed. The hardest part isn’t even setting the spinner together; it’s all about getting the own tools. Once you have them ready, you should not have too much trouble creating your bowling ball spinner.

Still, you must be careful to stick to each step meticulously. If anything goes wrong, you will wind up getting a spinner that doesn’t perform its job how it’s supposed to. Hence, you need to follow each step and maybe request help from friends who have more experience.


Bowling is a fun sport. It is irrelevant if you are a professional; everyone who plays this game appreciates it. One thing that can slip that joy is a ball that doesn’t function at optimal condition. This is why you need a bowling ball spinner that will help you polish sand and clean your ball precisely.

As this guide has demonstrated, you don’t necessarily have to devote your hard-won money to obtain a bowling ball spinner. With several tools and your determination to make things work, you also can have your own personal handmade bowling ball spinner.

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