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Custom Wrestling Belts: 100% leather (Best in-budget options)

If you are here to learn about the custom wrestling belts, you might be a fan of WWE or a coach looking for some custom belts for their teammates. Whatever your case is, we have got you covered with our best bets on these options for you. The options I’m about to list down for you have the best belts with finest leather quality and the plates are as sleek as they could be, all while fitting in your budget.

If you went on your own to search for these belts, it would take a while for you to get to the premium choices but I’ll save the hassle for you by giving you the researched and verified options. You can just go ne them and look for your preferred choice and order it with no worries.

These Custom Wrestling Belts for Any Sport

Not here for custom wrestling belts? Instead, you might need a belt for fantasy Football or any other game. If you are a coach or a representative of an organization and you need custom wrestling belts for any other sport, you can get them built too. These belts aren’t just for wrestling. They can be used for any and every sport there is. They represent the honor with them which is hat people love most about them.

Preferences of Belts

I’ll list the sources from where you can get your custom wrestling belts built after I list the order of why and what each of these sources are optimal choices are for.

  • Hundreds of Choices.
  • Order in Bulk.
  • Best Leather and Plates.

Where To Buy?

These are the three choices you have according to what purpose you want these wrestling belts for. Let’s go according to the list I gave above.

Arm Championship Belt

If you are picky and you like to see your option, this is the one for you. There are a gazillion choices on their websites and they all look so great. Their choices and templates range from all types of belts to any type of leather quality you want them to build for you.


If you are a coach or a representative of an organization looking to order in bulk, this is your option. With Alibaba, you’ll be getting the best prices in the world. There’s no doubt about that. The only thing you need to see is the quality of these belts. Don’t be so greedy and opt out for the cheapest option. Instead, on Alibaba, you have to go for the highest prices. Because in retail market that would be best product and probably 20 times more expensive. So, better buy expensive in wholesale rather than cheap in retail.

J.C Trophies

They probably have the highest quality there is to offer normal people. Anything above them will range above a $1000. Which is for people who go crazy for these belts. If you only need it as a decorative piece and have a limited budget, this could be your best option.

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