Cade Bradford Knudson curls through 5 workout trends for 2022 and beyond

Cade Bradford Knudson invests in his health.

Living in Colorado, he’s constantly looking for a reason to get outdoors. Whether it’s skiing, hiking, biking, or fly fishing, Cade Bradford Knudson can’t get enough of the Rocky Mountains. But he spends just as much time at the gym. That’s because, for the devout fitness enthusiast, exercising is more than physical. He carves out time for himself.

But this isn’t much different than any other day at the office either. Cade Bradford Knudson invests for others too. As an established financial advisor, he manages multi-million dollar portfolios for a wide-ranging, diverse group of clients.

Yet his approach is the same for both. At the gym or in the office, Cade Bradford Knudson is looking for an edge. He utilizes quantitative analysis and deliberate methodologies to identify opportunities. He values accessibility, adaptability, and thoughtful planning. Forecasting is at the forefront of what he does every day. Just as these skills have ignited his professional success, they have helped up his workout game too.

With this in mind, Cade Bradford Knudson pushes through five trends that he predicts will define the fitness industry in 2022 and beyond.

Hybrid memberships

Finding time to hit the gym every day can be a stretch. However, flexibility may be exactly what you need. Online workout sessions were a novel idea before the pandemic. Now, many gym facilities have adopted and expanded digital offerings to reach even more clientele. Expect more in-person facilities to further capitalize on this convenience by combining traditional memberships with virtual sessions.

Home equipment

Still, nothing can replace the comfort of your own home. Cade Knudson Denver and others are ditching their bulky free weights and dumbbell racks. Gym rats are getting “smarter.” Led by brands like Peloton and Mirror, at-home fitness is evolving into a more interactive experience.

Outdoor exercise

Cade Knudson Denver voluntarily escapes to the outdoors already. Yet, locked out of their brick-and-mortar gyms during the pandemic, fitness enthusiasts joined him. Not everyone can enjoy the crisp mountain air. However, walking, hiking, running, and other forms of cardio are perfect to break up the grueling grind of the gym.

Group classes

You don’t have to go it alone either. Group classes layer in a social component to your workouts. These boost motivation and responsibility. It’s all about creating an environment where each participant feels accountable to the group. This is empowering. And this is not a passing fad. Bootcamp-style sessions have been in vogue for years. Look for instructors to weave in other elements from this list into their group classes.

Shorter workouts

Embrace quality. Time is a precious commodity. If you’re like Cade Knudson Denver, it can be difficult to commit to long training sessions multiple days a week. Many are overcoming this challenge by switching to shorter, more intense programs. Think quick bursts. These HIIT-inspired “mini workouts” last only about 5-10 minutes and are completed multiple times throughout the day. Now, there’s no excuse for getting it in.

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