Paint Suppliers in the USA

6 Best Wholesale Paint Suppliers in the USA

There are several reasons for the paint business such as the market size, easy startup, low cost for the initiative. The last one is especially for a wholesale paint business. But one thing gives a real challenge that is to find wholesale paints suppliers.

Today’s write-up is going to solve this issue to great extent. So, you must read it if you ever think of starting a wholesale painting supplies business.

Before we provide you the list of suppliers, let’s see the versatility of the paints business so that you will choose the right paints products for your business.

The paints industry is a huge industry. For better understanding, we have categorized it into two sections. Paint used in the construction industry. and paint used for art and creative work.

The construction and industrial sectors use paints on a wide scale such as wall paint, door paints, furniture paint, etc. several types of paints are available for a variety of purposes.

While paints are also used for creative work. Like painting, glass paints, poetry paints, etc. for all those art forms, paints are prepared with different designs.

We have selected the paint suppliers both for paints for the construction field and the art field. Below is a brief review of them all.

·       Sherwin- Williams

Sherwin- Williams has been named after his owner who started the paint distributing company in 1870. The secret of their survival in the last 1.5 century is to bring innovation in the product range and fill the customer’s lives with amazing colors of paints. With products, range fulfills every type of needs of the customers.

They have an online presence where the customers easily explore the colors and then a variety of paints types for several purposes. These products can be selected with the choice of several suppliers. If you are facing trouble in finding any shade or paint type for stock, must visit this website. We are sure you will find it there.

·       PPG

PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) is another experienced name for paints, coating, optical items, and other special materials. The quality of paints and coating is up to mark as the customers buy these from all over the world. To buy their products find their nearest location contact them through their website for paint products according to requirement.

·       Burbank’s House of Hobbies

Burbank’s House of Hobbies has everything that helps to satisfy the needs of enthusiasts’ hobbies. Along with other categories they have paints and different painting tools. Basically, these painting tools are made for creative and drawing tasks. If you want to target the artists by providing them a complete stock of paints, Burbank’s house of hobbies is the right option.

·       Warren Paint & Color Co.

If Paints products according to recent trends and invocation, is your need of business then Warren paints & colors co. is the right option. With the great experience of over a century.

They deal with architectural, industrial & OEM, and concrete & masonry coating. Even they provide these products with private labeling.

·       Antistatic Industries

Antistatic industries are the right option for those who want to buy electrostatic paint for customers. Not only this, they dealing static paint, FDA paints, Static ties, and Static straps, and others. For these requirements, you must visit these websites.

·       BDI- Bearing Distributors Inc

BDI- Bearing distributors deal in multiple industries for quality products. Under the chemical head, they have paints products. They are serving their customers with quality products and have expanded their business to 12 countries with 200+ locations.

Check the required item in general, marking, and spray paints range. If there is not, contact the product. They serve the customized orders of their customers.


Now, there are several wholesale paints suppliers’ options in front of you. It’s your turn to check these options one by one and check the product line. Well, you have other easy options other than these online wholesale platforms.

These platforms have several features for the bulk buyers and paint products of every type will be available with a single click.

After checking the suggested sites, you must share your experience with us. It will be helpful for others who are looking for wholesale paint suppliers.


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